Shoot the Bullet is another excellent production by ZUN, described as a photography game rather than a classic shooter that the prolific developer is famous for.

There are only boss battles, but you can choose to play the stages in any order. The only way you can hurt your adversary is by taking their pictures. The number of photos required to defeat a boss is indicated at the top right of the screen, and battles get progressively harder after each picture is taken.

Pressing the X key slows down your character's movement. The Z key is assigned for snapshots, but requires a recharge after each use. Holding down the same button allows the player to move the camera crosshair around as well.

Extremely difficult, but surprisingly fun. Click here for more gameplay information. No demo available yet, but there's a list of games developed by him on this page which includes trial version downloads.

Name: Shoot the Bullet
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Category: Shooter
Type: Demo
Size: 150MB