Super Human Cannonball is the sequel to Luke Twyman's original effort, where you assume the role of a daredevil pressured to please his bloodthirsty audience by performing a series of death-defying stunts.

The introduction screen blasts you with rocking music, setting up the scene perfectly for the bloodbath to come. Players are rewarded for completing stunts as well as failing miserably. Earn splatter points by landing on the top or side of buildings, billboards, even copter blades.

Play instructions can be accessed from the main menu, and high scores can be posted online for global fame or shame. Arcade and Single Mode allows for three tries per stunt and a chance to earn splatter points. Career Mode forces players to retry stunts until they get it right. Good for practice, but definitely not for the impatient.

Name: Super Human Cannonball
Developer: Luke Twyman
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB