Click here for a sneak peek at Urbansquall's next multiplayer game, Little Ice Breakers.

Looks like an online version of Bomberman.

Pixel's new shooter will have power-ups but no saves or continues. [Shih Tzu, Pixel's development diary]

Super Juno available again. Now with online high score table. [Super Juno review]

Gamecloud interviews Wildsnake Software.

Escort Wing now has it's own web site.
[Escort Wing review]

Femo Duo Entertainment is currently developing Combat of the Quests using Blitz Basic. Responsible for the AGI-style adventure game Enclosure, their latest project features plenty of characters from earlier Sierra's Quest series in a fight to the death.

Contest alert. Win a free key-code for LittleWing's Fairy Tower by answering a questionnaire. [Monster Fair review]

A preview of Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine can be found here.