Titan Attacks is the latest release by PuppyGames, developer of Ultratron and Alien Flux. Essentially a Space Invaders game featuring sprites made out of glowing pixels, your objective is to blast every single enemy to smithereens in each level and occasionally engage alien motherships during boss encounters.

Some enemy ships will take more hits than usual, which is where the power-ups come into play. Collect bounty money to purchase all sorts of upgrades from the shop. Your choices include extra shields, smartbombs, improved ship speed and additional firepower.

There are some challenge stages thrown into the mix to keep players on their toes. Of course, the online high score table is probably it's biggest draw, where top scorers get to post their achievements for all to see.

Name: Titan Attacks
Developer: PuppyGames
Category: Shooter
Type: Demo
Size: 7MB