New screenshot over at Buster's site, but no downloads yet.

New games: Sigma Team releases the Alien Shooter 2 demo. [click here to download trailer]

darthlupi releases The Cleaner.

Planetfreeplay presents a new interview with Frictional Games, the creator of Penumbra. [Penumbra review]

July edition of the Adventure Lantern launched, a free downloadable PDF magazine spotlighting adventure games both commercial and indie.

The slightly outdated interview with Creatrix Games can be found here. [Fashion Fable review]

The Games Page is working on a Shufflepuck Cafe remake. [Cave Jumper review]

Adventure Europe recently posted an interview with one of the developers of Al Emmo.

oddbob is currently posting about remakes on his blog.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble will be released by Mousechief sometime in early 2007.

White Elephant has a new contest going on. First prize winner gets a cool fifty.

New FTG art here. [view gallery]