The trend of making escape the room games using Flash, featuring cheap scares and reusing the same old story is killing adventure productions with original ideas rather quickly. The new game from RPGCreations has interesting characters, beautiful backgrounds and a chilling atmosphere thanks to an excellent soundtrack. In Missing, you play the role of an ex-cop in search of his missing wife and child with only a handful of clues as leads.

Most players will struggle with the controls at first but persistence is rewarded with one of the best stories this year. It's important to note that save games are only allowed in your room and nowhere else. This is only because the music doesn't work properly when a previous game is restored, especially when the save was created in other places besides your initial starting point.

Moving your character around can be rather confusing, though a little experimentation will solve that problem in a matter of minutes. A short animation preceeds several room transitions, but this is understandable as it creates a sense of immersion for the players. Including an option to skip these parts will only dilute the experience.

Tension builds up rather quickly after the protagonist settles into bed for the first night. There's a mystery to solve and a few twists in the story that will keep you playing right till the end. At least one easter egg can be found, hinting at a story that may not be as linear as it seems.

A real pleasure to play. Full marks for one of the best games of it's kind.

Name: Missing
Developer: RPGCreations
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 3MB