Riva RunsThe translation patch for La-Mulana is out. [La-Mulana walkthrough and maps]

We've got a mention on OMEGA's diary! [OMEGA's download page, INO-vation, Marble, Twintower review]

New screenshots from Riva Runs added to Crobasoft's web site.


The Forgotten Element has a new web site.

New version of The Marionette now available. [The Marionette review]

Walkthrough for Yahtzee's 5 Days a Stranger, 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes and 6 Days a Sacrifice can be found here. [Yahtzee's past projects]


Riva RunsBlocksum replays in .dat file format can be downloaded by clicking on the numbered rankings on this page.

Place any of these in Blocksum's replay folder, then select a file from the replay menu option to watch. [Blocksum review]

It is also possible to watch the replays in-game by going to the high score menu, selecting a high score, and press the download details option. [thanks zzmann!]

Mr. Blocko: Super Tournament Edition updated.


3Punge results are out. [FileFront mirror, Santaro, Round and Round review]