A screenshot from Ishisoft's upcoming Skywaymen was recently posted. [Clockwiser, Pushover review]

The new Shoot the Core is up.

Typhoon 2001 updated with configurable controls. [Typhoon 2001 review]

cactus announces a new shooter entitled Clean Asia. [Space, The Design, Unholy Stage, Decontrologic, Ad Nauseam, God Came to the Cave, Illegal Communication, Retro Future, Precision, Retro II review]

oddbob announces Beast Invaders 3; wraps up production of G-Force with two sets of screenshots on both his site and the Retro Remakes forum thread. [direct download link, G-Force, Beast Invaders 2 review]

New screenshots from Excellent Bifurcation added. [Excellent Bifurcation review]