As translated by Shih Tzu. (thanks again!)

Here's Pixel's message on his Desktop page:

"WIP shooting game v.

The archive doesn't include a manual. Here's the basic 'readme' info:

* Game is not complete yet
* Five stages in all
* Controls are the arrow keys and Ctrl
* Supports gamepads

Play records are stored in the automatically-created folder 'play-records'. I'm interested in seeing how players develop from their very first play until they get used to the game. If you could compress and email me all your records (without deleting any), I'd much appreciate it."

Pixel provides his email address as rochet at (Just as a reminder, he doesn't speak much English, so I'd recommend keeping any emails short and simple.)

Some things to try:

- in stage 1, grab both power-ups before the first checkpoint for a special guest appearance (collectible)
- in stage 2, shoot the strange-looking asteroid (the one that's distinctively different) on the right when it appears for a special power-up
- continue shooting at the weak points of a boss (after they have been destroyed) to earn a shield item (thanks Shaheen!)