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Archive For March, 2007

Best of the Game Maker

March 30, 2007 2:18 PM | Tim W.

This forum thread is a constantly updated list of what users of the Game Maker engine have voted to be the best and most memorable Game Maker games ever made. Currently the top ones are:

Seiklus - tapeworm
Jumper (s) - YoMamasMama
Hover Tank 3D - FredFredrickson
Jetz Rampage (s) - Shawn64
Ark 22 - Srehpog

Soldexus - Pneophen
Hard Hat (s) - Damaged
The Jeluvian Project - Pondwater
Ore No Ryomi (s) - Mr.Chubigans
Battleships Forever - th15
Raging Skies - darthlupi


March 30, 2007 2:08 PM | Tim W.

Arthur Lee interviewed at Planet Freeplay, regarding the development of The Underside, among other topics.

Death Village Revisited

March 30, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

Hello all, this is Shih Tzu. Tim threw an account at me the other day, apparently for me to deface his creation with profanities and screens from softcore mahjongg games. And don't think I won't! But until that day comes, I'll sporadically assist with... I don't know what. Japanese stuff, probably.

Anyway, I thought I'd add a few clarifications I (think I) was able to glean from the 3Hiki blog, 3Hiki ga Takuramu. The group, the new home of the members of GR3PROJECT (La Mulana), is working on a new project called "Death Village", as noted earlier here. According to some of the posts by members Naramura and Samieru:

* The group is now going to try their hand at releasing games commercially.
* The goal: "Sure, there are lots of companies churning out franchise games for popular systems with expensive advertising campaigns... But, we suggest, why can't there also be a company of artisans trying out things to see if they work, one where the graphics and advertising might be disheartening but the games are consistently weird?"
* Death Village is not a sequel to La Mulana, and the public shouldn't expect a similar experience.
* The group actually has two projects in the works. Samieru is concentrating on the second, "more experimental" one.

There is also lots and lots of commentary on Ys Eternal, R-Type, God of War II, Soul Blazer, retro games, freeware games, the Xbox 360, and probably everything in between.


March 30, 2007 9:08 AM | Tim W.


Retrobattle updated with four new skill levels and enemy variations. [Hero remake by Wolverine, Iji preview, past projects by Daniel Remar]

A new screenshot from the Astro Marine Corps remake is up at Wolverine's site.


A review for Something Amiss: Chapter 2 can be found here. [walkthrough]

Scratches: Director's Cut has been out for a while now. There's a couple of changes and also a sneak peek at Nucleosys' next project.

A couple of screenshots from White Birds Productions' Sinking Island (Paradise) were recently added.


A commercial version of Prototype Mk II is in the works. [Castle Software, Gravitron, Xain'D Sleena review, Prototype]


A DHTML version of Master Mind was recently released by Thomas Weibel. [Mahjongg Solitaire, Sudoku]

Here are some album recommendations by OMEGA, the creator of Every Extend.

16 dimensional records (creator of Soup ver 0.9)
- A Japanese netlabel for NES-like music.

1. 16D002 Gone Square - Dong (15 tracks)
2. 16D001 Go Square - Dong (12 tracks)

Amen Best Hit's, supposedly a collection of tracks made out of elements from other songs. For example, Guchon's Pajama Hero is an eclectic mix of samples from Super Mario Bros. and an awfully familiar pop song.

rEIZUs3 Preview

March 29, 2007 3:18 PM | Tim W.

Crazy Patterns renamed to rEIZUs3. Features:

- randomized enemies with different parts (thousands of variations)
- flags denote the type of shot attributes for each enemy ship

Release date: next week. [Crazy Patterns, Clean Asia review, past projects by cactus]


March 29, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

Screenshots from Death Village (La-Mulana sequel) uncovered at 3Hiki's site. Current discussion is centered around the process of switching palette color for game development, from sixteen to 16 million. [La-Mulana review]

Hamish's War Angels cancelled. A new game entitled Project Explosion will take it's place.

A top ten list of 8 and 16-bit games most deserving of a remake can be found at QuickJump Network. Some tributes and remakes:

7. Double Dragon: Double Dragon: Fists of Rage
6. Legend of Kage: Legend of Shadow
4. Dig Dug: Dig Dug Aftershock
3. Pooyan: Game and Watch remake
1. Balloon Fight: Balloon Tournament

Dust Scape

March 29, 2007 8:18 AM | Tim W.

Dust Scape is a new experimental project by Jph, this time it's a reinvention of the classic gameplay elements found in Snake. Use the left and right arrow keys to inch your way towards a green nucleus. Use the control or J key to brake.

Touching a fire ball ends the game. Collect twenty-one green nuclei to restore the use of both up and down arrow keys for vertical movement.

Name: Dust Scape
Developer: Jph Wacheski
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB

Interview: Rod Humble

March 28, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

RodHumble I recently had the chance to interview Rod Humble, creator of the widely-blogged artgame The Marriage. Rod has been working in the industry since 1990 and is currently Head of Sims Studio at EA. In the interview, he discusses his reaction to the recent buzz, along with his views on games as art. He gives us a list of interesting games worth trying (Floor 13 is now on my to-play list), and even shows us one of his paintings.

You can read full interview over at Arthouse Games.

RGCD Issue One

March 27, 2007 9:08 AM | Tim W.

(From Retro Remakes)

RGCD is a new downloadable CD-ROM based magazine containing retro reviews, features and developer interviews. RGCD's main focus is on the releases for 8/16-Bit computer platforms, but also dedicating a good percentage of their reviews and feature space to retro look-and-feel PC-based remakes.

In each issue of RGCD you'll not only find reviews of all the latest retro releases, but there'll also be direct links (to files on disc) of each game, emulator or tool reviewed irrespective of platform.

Please note that at you can preview each issue of the magazine (essentially just the featured game review and a list of the other content), but in order to actually read the rest of the articles and reviews you'll need to download the .ISO image and either burn it to disc or mount it on a virtual drive. There is also a cut-down 'lite' version (excluding all games and emulators) provided as a downloadable .ZIP archive.

RGCD is 100% spyware free and all files are virus checked before uploading.

Download 10MB lite version.

Download 160MB .ISO version.

Immortal Defense (preview)

March 27, 2007 8:18 AM | Tim W.

Immortal Defense is a game currently in production by RPGCreations, makers of Alphasix and Missing. The game is based on a simple idea: what if you took the central mechanic of the "tower defense" games -- which are often single-level mods to popular RTSs like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft -- and based an entire game around it? There have been stand-alone tower defense games before, but never one as extensive, with a story and characters and dozens of missions. It's also more than a tower defense game, as there are elements of shooters as well: the mouse can fire at enemies and use special attacks against them.

The story is set in the universe of the sci-fi dystopia Raberata by Robert Bisno (a friend of the authors of this game who gave his permission for this), and takes place entirely in path space, a realm above hyperspace. The story deals with themes of defending what one values from harm.

The graphics are mostly abstract and procedurally generated, although it also uses sprites in parts. The music is a mix of classical early 1900s jazz and gospel, and original music written in the style of classical piano -- not to everyone's tastes, but it was selected to add a feeling of strangeness to the game.

Additional screenshots of the game in production: [1], [2].

The game has been in production since December 2006, and will be released as shareware (albeit with 1/3rd of the game playable for free) in April or May. If you'd like to help playtest game while it's in development (it's currently in v0.7), and influence it through suggestions for improvement, you can do so here.

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