Immortal Defense is a game currently in production by RPGCreations, makers of Alphasix and Missing. The game is based on a simple idea: what if you took the central mechanic of the "tower defense" games -- which are often single-level mods to popular RTSs like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft -- and based an entire game around it? There have been stand-alone tower defense games before, but never one as extensive, with a story and characters and dozens of missions. It's also more than a tower defense game, as there are elements of shooters as well: the mouse can fire at enemies and use special attacks against them.

The story is set in the universe of the sci-fi dystopia Raberata by Robert Bisno (a friend of the authors of this game who gave his permission for this), and takes place entirely in path space, a realm above hyperspace. The story deals with themes of defending what one values from harm.

The graphics are mostly abstract and procedurally generated, although it also uses sprites in parts. The music is a mix of classical early 1900s jazz and gospel, and original music written in the style of classical piano -- not to everyone's tastes, but it was selected to add a feeling of strangeness to the game.

Additional screenshots of the game in production: [1], [2].

The game has been in production since December 2006, and will be released as shareware (albeit with 1/3rd of the game playable for free) in April or May. If you'd like to help playtest game while it's in development (it's currently in v0.7), and influence it through suggestions for improvement, you can do so here.