(From Retro Remakes)

RGCD is a new downloadable CD-ROM based magazine containing retro reviews, features and developer interviews. RGCD's main focus is on the releases for 8/16-Bit computer platforms, but also dedicating a good percentage of their reviews and feature space to retro look-and-feel PC-based remakes.

In each issue of RGCD you'll not only find reviews of all the latest retro releases, but there'll also be direct links (to files on disc) of each game, emulator or tool reviewed irrespective of platform.

Please note that at www.rgcd.co.uk you can preview each issue of the magazine (essentially just the featured game review and a list of the other content), but in order to actually read the rest of the articles and reviews you'll need to download the .ISO image and either burn it to disc or mount it on a virtual drive. There is also a cut-down 'lite' version (excluding all games and emulators) provided as a downloadable .ZIP archive.

RGCD is 100% spyware free and all files are virus checked before uploading.

Download 10MB lite version.

Download 160MB .ISO version.