A Ruff'n Tumble playable teaser was recently posted at the Retro Remakes forums. This demo consists of a small room with continually spawning enemies to shoot at. Use the arrow keys to move and hold the D key to fire. [older demo consisting of one full level and soundtrack preview in .ogg format]

Shezzor's remake of this Amiga platformer has been in development for four years now (one less than Cave Story). It's new features are:

- 640x480, 60fps (original version was 320x240, 25fps)
- improved graphics to complement the higher resolution
- parallax scrolling, new soundtrack by infamous
- coded in Blitz

The full freeware version will be released sometime this year. [Ruff'n Tumble screenshots, information page, gameplay video one, gameplay video two, boss battle, renders by kukerex]