Another screenshot from Ishi's 3D platformer posted. [Clockwiser, Pushover review]

Beast Invaders 3 updated. Bullets are much easier to distinguish now. [Beast Invaders 3 review]

Here's a recent interview with Oddbob himself, the creator of G-Force and Beast Invaders sequels.

Mr Colossal is working on a new game. [Automation review]

A new trial version of Akatsuki BK was recently made available. Joypad is chosen as the default controller, so if you don't own a gamepad be sure to change this to keyboard controls using the config menu before playing. To get it to work, just right-click the config.exe file and set compatibility mode to Windows 200.

The demo comes with four playable characters and several game modes enabled. [Akatsuki BK review, Inverted Castle article]