More screenshots from Mountain of Faith posted. A demo will be released tomorrow, specifically on the 20th of May. The manual is available to view online. [Mountain of Faith preview]

The soundtrack for Haluz is available here. [Haluz review]

Binary Zoo is working on a new game, currently titled Tension.

Dave Gilbert is expected to announce a sequel to The Blackwell Legacy on June 1st. A secret project will also be revealed on the same date.

Kairos is working on a new platformer. [Ikaruga clones article]

Artesneit is currently developing a new RPG.

The teaser page for Lexaloffle's upcoming release, Jasper's Journeys is up.

Crostar is working on a new platformer. [rhacp review]

Warsow updated to version 0.3. [Warsow review]

New screenshots from Vulkaiser posted. [DHC's past projects]

As indicated by the last post in this forum thread, Streets of Rage remake version 5.0 will feature seven new stages. [Streets of Rage Remake review]