Pictured right, another screenshot from Wolverine's unreleased platformer.

Ether Vapor updated to version 1.07. [Ether Vapor review]

Chalk reviewed by Inverted Castle.

Fraxy gets a new update. [Fraxy review]

Bernie confirms that his next game will be a platformer with minor dialogue options and inventory. [origamihero.com, Darkside Adventures, A Game with a Kitty, Reactor 09, Cedric and the Revolution review]

Screenshot from Daniel Remar's Iji posted. [Iji preview, past projects by Daniel Remar]

Chaos Code is a new fighting game by FK Digital, the development team responsible for Super Cosplay War Ultra. Play as a cook! [FK Digital web site]

More development notes from the Space Quest 2 remake revealed.

3Punge competition entries available from this page. Certain games require the installation of runtime packages.

Cryptic Sea is hiring.