RPGCreations (creators of Missing and Alphasix) announce the release of Immortal Defense, a story-based tower defense game.

The classic elements of tower defense are there: players must use strategically-placed towers to fight off waves of "creeps", preventing them from getting to the end of the path. The player can build new towers or upgrade existing ones to defeat the ever-more-dangerous "creeps", earning money for each kill--money which can be used to expand and refine the basic defense even further.

Immortal Defense features eleven unique towers (or "Points"), each with their own distinctive personality and style of fighting. Each Point represents a different aspect of the player's will and personality.

The mouse cursor is an integral gameplay element. The cursor fires at enemies in its range, giving your overall defense an extra boost at critical moments. The mouse cursor also allows you to "target" specific enemies, involving the player more closely in the action than the typical tower defense game (where it's sufficient to simply place all of your towers, sit back, and watch your strategy in action.)

Name: Immortal Defense
Developer: RPGCreations
Category: Tower Defense
Type: Shareware
Size: 17MB