From the Metanet Software's metablog:

SUBLiME, the Submit Unique and Brilliant Levels in to Metanet Event, launches today. It's only open for two weeks, so get ready to make some great N levels, really really quickly.

We're accepting submissions of levels specifically made for this event, using special versions of Ned (available at the SUBLiME entry page; link below) from anyone worldwide who wishes to send 'em in.

Our favourite submissions may make it into N+, garnering their author credit in-game and a free copy of the version in which their level appears. Level submitters may also receive some other lovely N+ swag.

Check out the Instructable on How to Create A Good N Level, and then head on over to the SUBLiME entry page to read the full rules and guidelines, and send in your submission.

N+ was originally announced for the XBLA, DS and PSP platforms, with the release date scheduled as fall 2007.

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