A 20MB demo for DHC's Vulkaiser is now available from the Vector site. Use the freeware 7-Zip to extract .LZH files. Quite a surprising switch from Pysche Metal to Saturday morning anime. [direct download link, DHC's past projects]

One of the developers of Prominence, an upcoming adventure game made with the SCream engine that powered Scratches, was recently interviewed by ACG.

Yakouga 4 announced. [Galshell 2 Bullet Rain, Yakouga 2, Yakouga review]

Puppy Games is working on a new game entitled Treasure Tomb. Cas describes it as a scrolling dot-munching shooter, and if it's anything like Time Bandit then I'm sold. [source: Kev's site]

Chris Och (Super Stun-N-Run) is working on a new Metroid-like project currently titled Buckshot Sagebrush.

Richard Jordan (Zub, Klass of 99) and Andy Noble recently interviewed by Auld Games.

X-0ut's upcoming horizontal 2D shooter should be out before October. [Gravitron, Xain D Sleena, Prototype]

Mordalles is possibly working on at least one new game, as hinted by his signature. [Duty and Beyond review]