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Archive For July, 2007

Ugliest game ever... Playable?

July 25, 2007 10:38 PM | Tim W.

Just looking at the gameplay video should make you want to give your computer a bath. Anyway, here's the gameplay instructions:

Z: Fire beam against enemies
X: Fire beam against bullets
Z + X: Fire strong beam against enemies (depletes time)
C: Change ship
F1: Toggle motion blur
F2: Launch highscore table
F3: Toggle random mode

Don't fire for too long, you'll overheat and explode! Don't let the time run out or you die. Killing enemies adds more time to the counter.

The game needs to be extracted before playing. There is an online highscore table too, so don't worry if it freezes up for a few secs, it's just sending your scores.

Use joy2key for joypad support!

Name: Burn the Trash
Developer: cactus
Category: Shmup
Type: Freeware
Size: 1.8MB

Gamers Eloquently Posit Games as Art in Ludicrous Thought Experiment

July 25, 2007 10:31 PM | Tim W.

I've always found film critic Roger Ebert to be a tremendously engaging writer when he's in his element (film, primarily). This is why I get particularly annoyed that he turns into a reactionary curmudgeon whenever anyone suggests that games are also a form of art, even when (by his own admission) he's wholly unfamiliar with the subject.

I expected gamers would react to his latest uninformed salvo, but what I didn't expect is the responses (the printed ones, at least) to be by and large so lucid and articulate.

The key issue, I think, is the difference between freedom and liberty. Sure, there's no art in freedom -- in being able to do anything you want at any time. Liberty, though -- an allowance of choice, within a limited scope of options -- now we're getting somewhere. Especially if, within that narrow web, there is real, meaningful consequence to every action.
More than one writer points to independent games as examples of the medium's promise as an artform, including the Danish simulation 3rd World Farmer. (Some may take issue with the mention of a certain notorious RPG Maker game, however.) I doubt any amount of discussion will change Ebert's mind -- he appears too insistent on judging the medium by means of contrast to others with which he's more comfortable -- but it's nice to see such intelligent defenses out in front of the general public browsing his site.

Ugliest game ever?

July 25, 2007 1:55 PM | Tim W.

Knytt Stories Expansion Pack - Free

July 25, 2007 5:10 AM | Tim W.

Well, technically. According to Jesus, I mean Nifflas:

"I don't want to get into the mess of charging for them (expansion pack for Knytt Stories). Having worked so much on the expansion levels though, I really want to do something special with them. I'm starting to think something more towards a request at the download page that an amount of $10 or something is donated to some charity organization (Amnesty, Save the Children, etc.), in order to download Knytt Stories - but of course without any kind of verification (I'll just hope that people will be kind enough to do that)."

"Someday I really do plan to sell my games. I still want to give everyone who helped me with Knytt Stories something extra for their effort, but it might end up being a free registration of my next game, when I feel more ready to sell things online..."

"Anyways, I've recently been contacted about a few magazines who would like to write articles about my games. Releasing something really huge like Knytt Stories for free might be very good for my reputation, and open up for things in the future, who knows?"

Read the announcement here


July 25, 2007 4:41 AM | Tim W.

Barely, yeah.

- OLE Coordinate System
- Tutorial
- OLE.dat


July 25, 2007 2:23 AM | Tim W.

A new interview with James Whitehead, developer of Satan Sam and the upcoming Tormishire, can be found at Clickzine.


July 24, 2007 12:58 AM | Tim W.

Retro Remakes is back. Also don't forget to grab Graham's latest podcast episode.

From Shih Tzu: Pixel has revealed on his BBS (untranslated) that for his next project, he wants to make an RPG. No real details yet, other than that it will take a long time to finish. A sampling of comments:

"I'd always steered away from working on an RPG, but now that I think I've finally got the requisite know-how, I've decided to give it a shot. But already it's more of a challenge than anything I've done before..."

"There are all kinds of RPGs. I'd like to avoid anything too large-scale, yet still make it fun to play... somehow. Thanks for your support. I apologize in advance if I never finish it..."

The creator of Chalk and Noitu Love, Joakim Sandberg was recently interviewed by Freehare. Yes, he's only twenty years old. []

Joakim's abandoned works mentioned are from this page.

There's a seven page article about game design on Gamasutra written by Daniel Cook (Lost Garden) that could possibly be of interest to rocket scientists.

This week's GGE indie game feature showcases Battleships Forever, Battle for Wesnoth and Glest.

Schedules/Release Dates

The next 3Punge (Three Minutes Game Contest) is scheduled to start on the 29th of July.

Matt Thorson's (Jumper series) An Untitled Story will be released on the 27th of August.


You can now purchase the GBA cart version of Motocross Challenge from the RGCD shop.

Fren-ze (bob's Game of the Year) was recently updated with several new features.

Gish is now on Steam; GamePure releases a Frogger clone called Juicy Street.


Here's a rather interesting casual clone creator by Andrew Wooldridge. [original post]

200 bad comics. Compared to just about every other web comic out there, they're actually pretty good. [original challenge, Nedroid's web site]

Probably a whole bunch of typoes in this post, sorry!


July 23, 2007 7:28 PM | Tim W.

Enigma is a brain-stretching puzzle game similar to Oxyd and Rock 'n Roll. The aim is to use your marble (controlled through the mouse) to open all matching pairs of the Oxyd stones scattered across each landscape, solving various puzzles and avoiding traps as you go.

Occasionally you will also encounter "meditation" levels where you must control two or more marbles at once, your task being to manoeuvre each one into small pits on the floor.

The game has a large (1000+) library of levels split across various styles so there's sure to be something for everyone. The download page has links to versions for Windows, MacOS and some flavours of Linux.

Name: Enigma
Developer: Daniel Heck and Co.
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 15MB
Download page:

Independent Gaming on Yahoo

July 23, 2007 6:55 AM | Tim W.

There's a four page article on independently-developed games which was on the front page of on Sunday. A couple of games were mentioned in this piece, such as:

PS3: Flow, Everyday Shooter, LittleBigPlanet
XBox: N+, Space Giraffe, Eets
Others: Dwarf Fortress, Desktop Tower Defense, Cloud, De Blob, Outpost Kaloki

Read it here [source: GameSetWatch]

GGE Game Development Contest

July 23, 2007 6:35 AM | Tim W.

GarageGames, GreatGamesExperiment and are sponsoring the first Game Development Competition, which will run for a duration of two months starting from July 18th until September 18th 2007. The Grand Prize Winner will receive the entire Torque Suite, while winners from each category will receive a Torque Game Engine license from Garagegames. A list of all prizes are listed here.

Contest rules are stated in this forum thread. All games should have some sort of comedic element to qualify.

The theme is a rather iffy one, as I remember that Ginger Monkey Games ran a similar competition in the past but produced disappointing results. No idea if one of the judges is the person who ran the defunct site linked in that post or not. Destined for success, or doomed to failure?

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