Swedish developer Bits & Pieces Interactive brings us an innovative new twist on the paltformer genre with Fret Nice. The game can only be played with a guitar controller, requiring either a USB-to-PS2 adapter or a USB Xbox 360 guitar controller. Naturally, this will limit how many of you will be able to try it. If you have the ability to play this, however, you will be pleasantly surprised. Fret Nice is a recipient of the Best Game Concept Award at Swedish Game Awards 2007. It's reviewer states that it is "a game with an innovative use of control, which impresses in many areas."

The game will find you jumping to perform "air combos" that allow you to defeat the various enemies, as well as climbing, swinging, and slinging your character onto and off of various objects in the levels. In all cases gameplay feels fresh and is a lot of fun, while the nontraditional control method makes Fret Nice an innovative newcomer to the indie scene.

Name: Fret Nice
Developer: Bits & Pieces Interactive
Category: Platformer/Unconventional
Type: Freeware
Size: 28MB