Lazrael's new platformer

Lazrael (Poyo, Boss Arena) is working on a new platformer. [pictured above, gameplay video]

Mind Control's (Oasis) Arrrrr now has a playable demo with no time limit. [direct download link]

The final TOJam games have been posted. Highlights include XIQ, Noodle and Emergency Response Team. Two by Two and Super Defender Robo are playable right in your browser.

New screenshot added to Honeyblaster's web site.

8 Kingdoms was recently updated to version 1.1.0.

There's a couple of freeware game recommendations (with screenshots) posted in the Distractionware forums.

Here's an experiment carried out by Andy Brice to examine the five star award phenomenon that most software companies are misusing to promote their products. [thanks to Oddbob of Retro Remakes]

New screenshots from Kairos' upcoming vertical shooter Varia have been posted on his 64 Digits user page. [Kairuga]

Two new screenshots from Nepia World's upcoming Comiket release (pictured below) posted. [source: Danmaku Gata, Mimizu Panzer]

Nepia World's new release