Dicewars DS


Dicewars DS (a Nintendo DS port of GameDesign's popular dice strategy game, pictured above) updated to version 0.3.4.

Georg Rottensteiner's Joe Gunn gets a final update, recently reviewed in RGCD. [installation instructions]


There's a couple of scans from Arcadia with information and screenshots about Cave's latest horizontal shooter Deathsmiles posted in the insomnia.ac forums. [AM show information]

From Arcadia again, information and a screenshot from G.rev's (Border Down, Under Defeat) upcoming vertical shooter Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta. Apparently the game is a collaborative effort with ex-Seibu Kaihatsu staff, the same people responsible for delivering the Raiden series. [official web site]

Soldner-X is available for preorder from Play-Asia.


Ishi has resumed work on Tor de Force, a platformer originally developed for the four color competition held by Retro Remakes. [forum thread]

Ten new screenshots from Lexaloffle's upcoming platformer Jasper's Journeys (pictured below) were recently posted. [Swarm Racer]


GameTunnel's Monthly Round-up has been replaced with a new column entitled The 60-Minute Trial.

Chocolate Castle is the latest Manifesto Games' pick.