If your name is Jeff, look away now:

Space Giraffe (Electorubbish)

'Space Giraffe is NOT Tempest!' screams the instructions in Jeff's 360 music visualizer, Minter's latest interactive audiovisual orgy. Okay, but Space Giraffe does take nearly all its cues from Atari's classic coin-op (which Minter has reworked before).

As in Tempest, you're an abstract creature on the edge of an electric grid floating in space, relentlessly basting the geometric creatures that shimmy up its lanes. Giraffe enhances that letting you jump over enemies, steer your shots, and ram baddies off the playfield, but user-friendliness has been thrown out in the name of psychedelic presentation.

You'll frequently die because you couldn't pick out the pulsing assassin from the wrapped playfield floating over the throbbing LSD nightmare that is the background, which makes this game uniquely aggravating.

With incredibly poor visibility (apparently by design) and a thumping electronic soundtrack peppered with sophomoric sound effects, Space Giraffe offers a generous 100 levels of damn-near-unplayable technoslop.

- Dan Amrich (Senior editor, Official Xbox Magazine)

+ Unlike anything you've ever seen (except Tempest).

- Too visually noisy to figure out what going on.
- Actually made us angry when we played it.

? Is this a failed game or a failed art experiment?

The Verdict 2.0 - BROKEN
Just really bad. Lacks a single redeeming quality, or it's busted to varying degrees in its own design, quality or basic functionality. No gamer of any stripe should bother.

For a more favorable review, click here. New screenshots and gameplay videos can be found over at the Llamasoft Blog. [thanks to Caff of Retro Remakes]