Stranded II is a 3D adventure game by Unreal Software, chronicling the adventures of a man who lost his ship in a storm and must learn how to survive on a deserted island using a variety of objects acquired from the land.

Press the X key to bring up the character sheet, use the C key to view your current inventory, and tap the V key to access your diary. The Y key can be used to rest and recuperate. Insects, animals, plants and other items do respawn, but only at the start of each day.

Expect to do a lot of building, foraging and hunting in this game to get anywhere. Hints can be found in this forum thread, including a map of the first island which includes important locations marked for the convenience of other players.

Name: Stranded II
Developer: Unreal Software
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 10MB
Download page: Click here