The Underside: A new screenshot from The Underside can be found at it's official web site. [soundtrack preview - right click to save, The Underside preview, source: Terry]


Dwarf Fortress: According to this Next Release Task List (a list of changes to implement before release), a new version for Dwarf Fortress can be expected very soon.

Incursion: The final version for Incursion (until early 2008 at least) is out. This freeware roguelike game is available for Linux as well. [main page]

Upcoming Releases

The Sandbox of God remake: There is a small possibility that The Sandbox of God remake could be released this year.

Biddie Crisis: BenH's Biddie Crisis (arena shooter) will be released before the end of the month. [gameplay video, Axion]


The Indies: The latest edition of GameShark's The Indies is up.

GarageGames Interview: GameDaily BIZ talks to GarageGames' CEO and CTO Josh Williams about the company's recent acquisition by IAC.