Here's a slightly more polished version of the competition version of cactus' Akuchizoku. It might still have some smaller bugs and is a bit rough on the edges, but probably worth a try for fans of retro graphics and music, as well as shmup freaks.

The demo features three levels and three different pilots, two difficulty levels and two modes of gameplay. The difficulty adjusts the amount of bosses and enemies you get to battle, so those who whimp out will miss a lot of content.

There is a gameplay video of the first level available here, which can be used as a guide on how to beat the difficult bosses. The controls can be a bit complex for the various pilots, read an explanation of how to play here.

Worth noting is that you can't select pilot in story mode, while you can instantly access any level and pilot in free play mode.

Music as always by the excellent John Marwin, and the great effects provided by Aaron Kurtz.

Name: Akuchizoku
Developer: cactus
Category: Shoot 'em up
Type: Demo
Click here to download