The full list of entrants (173 in total) for this year's IGF main competition is now available to view from the IGF main site.

Simon had posted a selection of entries on GameSetWatch, but here are more games to keep an eye on (plus downloads whenever available):


3D Logic
Cube-based puzzler, playable through browser.

Ablation X (nenad)
Vertical shooter by the developer of Counterclockwise and Ablation. No download links yet.

Rez-type game. No download links yet.

Ants remake. Turn-based card game, playable through browser.

Clean Asia (cactus)
Download available. [direct download link]

PGD compo version available for download. [direct download link]

Crayon Physics Deluxe (Kloonigames)
Original version available for download.

Dino Run (Pixeljam Games)
Dino-run is a free web-based game from Pixeljam. Full version to be released end of 2007. (description from IGF main site)

DROD: The City Beneath


Empyreal Nocturne
Aerial action game. Download available. [direct download link]

Gish 2
Sequel to the IGF 2005 Grand Prize Winner. No download links yet.

Demo available for download, 60 minutes of playtime per save file. [direct download link]

Free online-only shmup game. [direct download link]

Immortal Defense
Tower defense game. Demo available for download. [direct download link]

Invader (dessgeega)
Download available. [direct download link]

Word game. Beta test version available for download.

A mix of adventure and interactive fiction. Full version available for download. [direct download link]

Noitu Love 2: Devolution (Joakim Sandberg)
Action game from the developer of Chalk. No download links yet. [Noitu Love]

OokiBloks (Hermit Games)
Puzzler by Matt Verran, developer of Fren-ze. No download links yet.


A lot of stuff on page 3 are playable in one form or the other, so I'm going to skip it unless someone requests otherwise.


The Last Stand
Action game, with zombies. Playable through browser.

The Night Journey
An experimental game created in collaboration with Bill Viola. [watch trailer]

The Path (Tale of Tales)
Horror game by the developers of The Endless Forest. Due out in early 2009 for the Windows platform. [watch trailer]

Understanding Games: Episode 1 - 4
Playable through browser.

Geometry Wars with an underwater setting. Due out for the Xbox Live Arcade in October 2007. [gameplay video, watch at YouTube]

World of Goo (Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel, 2D Boy)
Sequel to Tower of Goo. Last in the list, but it just might come first next year. No download links yet. [watch trailer]

Visit the IGF main site for a complete list of entrants.

Update: Brian Crescente (one of the IGF judges) had posted a list of games assigned to him for scoring purposes, which reads like this:

Invader, GYM!, Supernova Shootout, Discs of Mayhem, Artisan, Venture Arctic, Regnum Online, Polychromatic Funk Monkey and Gate.

If your game is in that list, better start scoring some points with him pronto!