OokiBloks: Matt Verran of Hermit Games (Fren-ze) is working on a new project entitled OokiBloks, an IGF competition entry.

Plasma Pong: The author of Plasma Pong is currently working on a new project that is not related to Atari's registered trademark.

Super Mogura Tennis: Another gameplay video from Super Mogura Tennis posted. Krobon Station's latest project will be released sometime this month. [download video, right click to save]

5 Days a Stranger: The 3D remake of 5 Days a Stranger gets its own web site. [information page, source: Gr.Viper]

Portal: Portal will be released on the 10th of October, 2007.

Moonpod interview: Kieron Gillen is working on a new interview with the Moonpod development team.

Force Majeure: Monokey's horizontal shooter Force Majeure will be published on a handheld (or possibly console) soon.

Race Challenge: Foppy will release Race Challenge on the 1st of December, 2007.

Gish Expansion Pack: Cryptic Sea is working on an expansion pack for the original Gish. The new release is currently titled Gish: The Lost Levels.

The Games Page: TGP (Hurdler 2) will release a new game next week.

Buster: Buster could be thinking about releasing a new platformer soon.

flOw Expansion Pack: A new video feature for flOw expansion pack can be found over at GameSpot.