Ablation X development journal updated. [trailer]

Knytt Experiment: Nifflas has cancelled the full release of Knytt Experiment, and will discontinue development on Knytt Stories as well.

Release Dates

Dwarf Fortress: The new Dwarf Fortress update is very close to a release. Due out next week.

Spud's Quest: An update for Chris Davis' lovingly-crafted tribute to the Dizzy series will be released soon. [new features]


Submachine 5: Mateusz Skutnik has made plans to publish Submachine and Covert Front series (four episodes) on CDs in the near future.

Machinarium: Amanita Design's Machinarium will be released as a full game download, while the demo will be playable online.

Sydney Finds Employment: Ivan Dixon is currently hard at work on a commercial project for the last six months.

Unbound: Limpingfish's Unbound will be released sometime in November. [Heartland Deluxe, walkthrough]

In Development

Nigoro: In the last comment of this Nigoro's development journal entry, it is stated that both duplex and Samieru are currently working on separate games at the same time.

Gesundheit: Matt Hamill has resumed work on Gesundheit.


Arcanacra: Arcanacra updated to version 0.4.1.

Lost Garden: Daniel Cook has contributed a new article for Gamasutra.


Wonderland series: Midnight Synergy is currently celebrating their fifth anniversary with some special deals.

Poppenkast: Poppenkast has launched a new web site.