Off the Rails is a new action game by Nitrome in which players are required to guide a handcar from the start to end, avoid obstacles and collect coins for points.

Tap the left and right cursor keys alternately to speed the car up, and press the S key to make it stop. Hold the up arrow key to jump, and press space to change directions. The W, A, S and D keys can also be used to move the car as well.

Ramps can be used to execute tricks in midair like the 360 flip for bonus points. Later stages include signs which pushes your car in the opposite direction, oil slicks and even vehicle chases. Unfortunately the game does become a chore to play roughly past the halfway mark due to uninspiring level designs, a common trait found in most of Nitrome's past releases.

Name: Off the Rails
Developer: Nitrome
Category: Action
Type: Browser