Super Mogura Tennis is a new tennis simulator by Krobon Station, a development team known for their eccentric horizontal shooter series made in the style of Parodius.

The Z, X and C keys are mapped to standard shots, smashes and special moves. Press down, then up and Z to make a lob. Execute volleys or drop shots by tapping the down cursor key twice before pressing Z. The blue gauge must be full before a special move can be initiated.

Your concentration is reduced quickly when attempting returning a smash. Without concentration, the general play does not slow down and returning an opponent's shot could be very difficult.

Only two playable characters and one type of court can be accessed in this demo. Also requires a decent hardware to run at a consistent speed.

Name: Super Mogura Tennis
Developer: Krobon Station
Category: Arcade
Type: Demo
Size: 30MB
Download link: Click here