First concept art from Aquaria posted.

The Streets of Rage Remake project gets a new web site.

mon's Fraxy gets a new update.

The GarageGames' web site gets a face-lift.

Kloonigames has released a new monthly project entitled Humpsters.

HIZ is working on a new vertical shooter.

Monty's Christmas Special released. [gameplay video]

Buster (Iwanaga, Vacant Ark) is working on several new projects and prototypes.

Information about Submachine 5 revealed. The revamped Submachine 1 will be posted on Pastel Games soon.

Cryptic Sea had posted a new version of Ramjets.

Nucleosys (Scratches) is currently working on two different projects, with one of them being a freeware 2D adventure game developed for the Argentine government as an educational title.

IGF 2008 Main Competition finalists will be announced this Monday.