2007 Random Indie Game Challenge
"For completely arbitrary and torporous reasons I have decided to randomly select 10 independent games from recently released 'top of 2007' game lists from numerous indie game reporting blogs. I tried to limit it to games which I've either spent very little time with, or games that I've never touched. I will be ranking them in order of 1 to 10 based on initial impressions of 30 minutes or less with the games. This exercise should not be taken seriously by any stretch of the imagination, don't let the title fool you." - Matthew Williamson (shapermc)

GamePro interviews David Jaffe
"One of the most emotional video games I've ever played is a Flash game called Passage. You move a tiny 8-bit sprite character from left to right; every four to five seconds, your character ages. It's a simple, abstract, interactive expression of a life lived. It's great! It's possible to make emotional games, but it's not in my DNA at this point." - David Jaffe (God of War)

Aquaria at ACMI and Macworld
Photos from Derek's recent trip to Australia can be found over at the Bit Blot web site. Low budget video of the event in the extended.