Winter Competition Results: YoYo Games have announced the winners for their Winter Competition.


Submachine 1: Mateusz Skutnik has redone the interface for the first of his escape series in preparation for the release of chapter 5. [play, walkthrough]

Rückblende: The web site for this IGF Student Showcase Finalist is up. A working download link is also available from the information page.

Nanobots: Erin Robinson's new freeware adventure game will be released on Valentine's Day.


Vib Ribbon: The PSOne music game Vib Ribbon could be available from the Playstation Network soon.

N+ Preview: UGO previews Metanet's upcoming XBL release.


Saturated Dreamers: The cast for RPGCreations' upcoming game revealed.

Rampant Games Interview: Jay Barnson quizzed by WorldIV.