Independent Games Festival

World of Goo: IGN previews 2D Boy's physics based puzzle game. (Wikipedia entry)

Audiosurf: There will be a third beta weekend for Invisible Handlebar's upcoming music game/crack. (Wikipedia entry)

World of Goo, Noitu Love 2: IGF entries mentioned in the latest Joystiq podcast edition.


Adventure Game Studio 3.0: AGS 3.0 released; the editor is now .NET-based, and hardware acceleration is supported.

Resonance: Screenshots from xii games' upcoming shareware adventure game posted. (source: Gnomes' Lair)

Sydney Treads the Catwalk: Ivan Dixon's freeware adventure game is set for a release early next month.

Role-playing Games

Exit Fate: Two more screenshots from SCF's (Last Scenario) upcoming RPG game can be found in the SA forums.

The Spirit Engine 2: Trailer for Mark Pay's upcoming shareware RPG posted. (source: Total Klik)


The Endless Forest: Tales of Tales' online multiplayer game updated to version 3.2.

Cottage of Doom: Alex May's zombie survival game updated with support for Vista.


Immortal Defense: "Portal's story... was NOT the best story of 2007. It was NOT the best writing of the year, surprisingly." (original soundtrack)

Knytt Stories: "Since discovering Nifflas' work, my PS3 has sat idle."


Mod of the Year 2007: Results for ModDB's annual event posted.

10 Indie, Student Game Competitions: I wrote about this a while back, but was asked for the list again recently so here it is.

Armor Games Interview: CEO Daniel McNeely questioned.

Valentine's Day releases: World of Goo (delayed), Dylan Fitterer's Audiosurf, Erin Robinson's Nanobots, Lexaloffle Games' Jasper's Journeys.