The countdown continues, as we reveal some of the best freeware RPGs and roguelikes to be released in 2007.

Best Freeware RPGs, Roguelikes 2007

  1. The Crypts of Despair
  2. Dwarf Fortress
  3. Twilight Heroes
  4. Last Scenario
  5. Wilfred, the Hero
  6. Homeland
  7. Exit Fate
  8. The Desolate Room
  9. Generic Slash: Dismal Depths
10. Incursion

We've delved into some of the more obscure corners of the RPG and Roguelike universe here; if you'd like to check out additional mainstream indie RPGs, why not consult GameTunnel's GOTY Awards and Rampant Games' Best Indie CRPGs articles.