IGF 2008: interviews half of the finalists in the first of their two special articles.

Lila Dreams: Wired chats with the developer of Kongregate's upcoming MMO game.

Oddbob: Robert D. Fearon questioned about his involvement with Retro Remakes, and also games development in general.


Irritation Stickman: DAN-BALL's physics-based platformer updated with one new world.

Blood Car 2000 Deluxe: An offline version of Cryptic Sea's driving simulator is now available for download.


Neon Tango: A new glowy vector arena shooter from Freeverse; trailer available from information page. ( review)


Card Sagas Wars: Third trailer for this MUGEN fan game posted. (web site)

Saturated Dreamers: New screenshot from RPGCreations' upcoming exploration game posted. (Wiki entry)


Indie Nation: Destructoid is running a semi-regular column on indie games, currently up to it's fifth edition.

Free Gaming Review: Six more freeware game recommendations offered in TechConnect Magazine's special feature.


Shift 2: A sequel to the popular Flash platformer is in the works.

DrilNES: Joshua Jersild's NES emulator updated. (development journal)

Mother 3 Fan Translation: Follow the progress of this fan project here.

Barkley Jam Gaiden: FAQ for the parody b-ball RPG now available.