Nigoro: A teaser for GR3 Project's new flash game was posted on their development journal.

Braid: Another lecture presented at the Nordic Game Jam is now available as a MP3 download from J. Blow's site.


Eurogamer: Kieron Gillen briefly reviews all of the IGF finalists. (source: GameSetWatch)

MTV News: A couple of indie games (N+, de Blob and Braid) mentioned in Multiplayer's Top 10 Under the Radar Games in 2008 article. (source: GameSetWatch)


Goo Interview: Gamasutra gives Pillowfort Games' Tommy Refenes the third degree.

Bit Blot: Curiosoft interviews Alec Holowka. (more interviews)


Kloonigames: Petri releases a new shmup.

AtomHex: Mark Incitti's upcoming arena shooter will be released this year. The new Tempest remake is a recent addition to his site. (AtomHex preview)

Space Hulk: The Allegro remake of this classic board game will be released in the first half of February.


Katakijin: Updated version for this GM hack and slash platformer now available for download.

PD Roms Coding Compo: A four color competition which started last week, and ends on March 2nd 2008.

Tormishire: New trailer for James Whitehead's upcoming platformer posted.

70 Gametap Free Games: A list of ad-supported free games offered on GameTap, supplied again by GameSetWatch.