Image courtesy of Digital ToolsHey look, Jonathan Söderström interviewed by the good folks at Gamasutra.

Clean Asia is an IGF finalist, so if you're at GDC then you'll have a chance to meet up with him as well.

There is also a special announcement on his site. Here is an excerpt from that post:

"No new games this time, but I've got some cool news. Me and VilleK of Z Game Editor has decided to try our hands at a joint effort to start up a business as independent game developers. This has been under the works for the past few months and we've got some things in the works, but for now they'll remain secret a bit longer.

Some of you will be glad to hear that this will eventually lead to games not made in Game Maker. Which amongst other things could mean creations that will be playable on Mac and Linux.

Feel free to bookmark our site for further updates. Not much there right now, but we'll try to post updates frequently once I return from GDC/IGF."

Jonathan Söderström interview