A special Kotaku feature, in which Brian Ashcraft attempts to find out how life is treating IGF winners and finalists. Big questions such as distribution deals and future plans are asked; we discover what the developers of Crayon Physics Deluxe, Synaesthete, Fez, Iron Dukes and World of Goo have in the works.

A couple of excerpts from said article:

"The first commercial game I worked on was an urban Sims game at EA, and we learned that putting 3D versions of the Black Eyed Peas into a game might not necessarily increase the funk," says World of Goo creator Kyle Gabler. "On the other hand, it has recently been discovered that putting dinosaurs into a game will increase the funk every time."

"I was a little surprised that actually winning an award didn't help us much on the business end of things," says Carmel. "But overall, the IGF really helped us get the word out. In my opinion there's nothing else out there that is doing as much good for the indie game scene as the IGF."

Kotaku Feature: You Just Won IGF! That Means?