Super Energy Apocalypse is a real-time strategy game with an emphasis on resource management. Zombies prowl the dark in search of waste to feed on, and it's up to the player to clean these up before the sun sets or risk having tougher enemies to defend against.

A day and night cycle is always in effect; players have to acquire resources such as energy and metal to fuel their defensive options against the zombie hordes. When dark falls, properly placed turrets, floodlights and tesla coils protect your buildings from being turned into rubbles that contribute to the amount of waste on screen.

Factories churn out garbage trucks and engineers for cleanup jobs, while farms generate food for the worker population in the area. The highest possible output is only achieved when all the basic needs have been serviced. A lab can also be built for research and upgrade purposes.

Name: Super Energy Apocalypse
Developer: Lars A. Doucet
Category: Strategy
Type: Browser, Freeware
Size: 10MB
Direct download link: Click here (right click to save)