Switching Gears is a 3D platformer made in the style of the Ratchet and Clank series, in which you step into the metal boots of a delivery robot on a mission to save his city with the help of a few droid buddies.

The game consists of one short level, and was recently picked by InstantAction as one of their upcoming products for GarageGames' new web gaming platform. Use the W, A, S and D keys to move, tap the space key to jump, and hold the left mouse button to shoot. Both mouse buttons are also used to interact with levers or direct helper droids.

Broken droids can be regenerated at cloning stations, provided that you have their discs in possession when attempting to revive them. Only one disc can be carried at any time, but you will need all three near the end of the first stage to complete the game. An uninstaller is not included.

Name: Switching Gears
Developer: Affectworks
Category: Action, Platformer
Type: Demo
Size: 30MB
Direct download link: Click here (right-click to save)