Atomhex is an arena shooter that has a complicated scoring system and numerous control options for the player to experiment with. Dual analog control is recommended, though a mouse and keyboard combination works just as well.

The game is basically centered around coloured hexes and white atoms. Destroy the shields surrounding a single coloured hex, then collect them for points. Energized shields are formed whenever a white atom joins a hex, and these can only be destroyed if your shots match their color. Change your shot color by collecting single unshielded hexes.

Your ship will be pulled into the subatomic world when a hex is allowed to join six atoms. Split all six atoms by shooting at them, then destroy all spinning quarks to leave this bonus round. (source: the2bears)

Name: Atomhex
Developer: Mark Incitti
Category: Shooter
Type: Demo
Size: 5MB
Price: USD $5.00 - 20.00
Demo download link: Click here

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