DigiPen Games Gallery 2007: A preview for the latest batch of DigiPen student games is up, though actual downloads will only be available sometime in April 2008.

Sandbox of God 2: Mr. Chubigans had posted a release schedule for 2008 in his new development journal.

Machinarium: New artwork added to the official web site.


Hunters Moon: The remake of Thalamus' shoot 'em up on the C64 is now available for download. (development thread)

ChopRaider: A Flash remake of Raid on Bungeling Bay, originally posted in the Retro Remakes forums.

Freescape: A video demonstration for the Freescape engine remake uploaded.


24hr Game Jam: thatgamecompany is experimenting with rapid game development by creating a multiplayer game in under one day. (gameplay video)

Pixel's RPG: Seems like development work on his new project has been suspended or abandoned entirely.

Line Rider: Gamasutra's piece on the upcoming release of Line Rider for the Wii, DS and PC.

Bone Movie: Jeff Smith's comic book series will be headed to the silver screen soon.