Randy Balma, Municipal Abortionist: Pictured above... art.

Game Maker: YoYo Games may soon remove the download game option altogether from their web site.


IGF 2008: GameDev.net interviews another set of finalists in the second of their two special articles. (part one)

Hanako Games: The developer of Cute Knight and Fatal Hearts interviewed by Gamezebo.


Braid: David reveals more preliminary designs and screenshots from the upcoming XBLA platformer release. Also, Gamer Hate on Braid.

Saturated Dreamers: Preview video of RPGCreations' exploration game posted.

Spaceboy X: Introductory sequence to Bagfull of Wrong's new project uploaded. (web site)

Release Dates

Nigoro: GR3 Project will release a new flash game next week.

The Whispered World: Marco's 2D adventure game is set for a release before the end of 2008.


Penumbra, Black Plague: Destructoid dissects the final chapter in Frictional Games' horror FPS series.

Metanet's N+: Kotaku's Mike Fahey reviews XBLA's latest 2D platformer release.


Blue Wish Resurrection Plus: The updated version includes remixed music and a new ship.


Ice Caves of Europa: The author of Harpooned is currently hard at work on an exploration shooter.

Dev.Mag: The latest issue of this free publication is now up for grabs.

Gymnastic Physics: Walaber (the developer of XBLA's JellyCar) is currently experimenting with simulating basic gymnast maneuvers.

Bonesaw: The soundtrack to Kyle Pulver's new platformer is available for download.