I don't know how many of you remember Shawn Noel. He was a Game Maker developer, probably most well known for his Jetz series of games. He was known for incorporating a good deal of violence and dark humour into his games.

In late 2005, I conducted a short interview with him, which still haunts me to this day (I won't post a link because it has errors from a server change). He seemed to be on a downward spiral. His final project was Street Bike Fury, which was released early in 2006. I felt that this was his best work, underrated and a sign of big things for Shawn. He took his own life not long after this. He was still in highschool. It has been over two years.

Recently clysm of Seiklus fame posted a Shawn64 Retrospective over on the Game Maker Games website. Since clysm knew Shawn better than most, I thought it was a nice read, since it gave some insight into the kid that he was when he was actually happy developing games and brimming with ideas. It's a nice way to remember him.