After Doomsday is a new browser-based multiplayer RPG which was created by a team of two developers using a combination of PHP and MySQL. The game bears many resemblances to the popular Kingdom of Loathing and Twilight Heroes, is free to play, and requires only a simple registration process for account activation.

Stats can be increased temporarily by using item modifiers, or permanently by training and increasing your character's level. Weapons and armor can be purchased from a shop, though the game does emphasize on player versus player encounters to earn experience points. Other methods of gaining experience includes committing crime and heading downtown to defend the city. Many of these tasks can only be done a certain number of times every day, but the counter does reset once the clock strikes midnight.

The search tab can be used to find another player to attack. Most street games are relatively safe to play for additional money without being sent to the hospital, although you still run the risk of losing cash. Other cities are unlocked once you've successfully increased your character level to five or upwards. Players are advised to use the game guide as necessary for further instructions, explanation and tips on making the most out of limited resources.

Name: After Doomsday
Developer: Kenshiro and Tectec
Category: RPG
Type: Browser