FIG (Floating Islands -Game) is a new puzzle game by Arvi Teikari, also known as Hempuli in Nifflas' forums. Described as Lemmings crossed with Hapland, players are given two sets of objectives to achieve in each level. The first one is a prerequisite, that is to collect all yellow stars before arriving at the goal flag. The second task is a tad more difficult, in which players have to find the blue star carefully hidden by the author, revealed only when you've found out the exact method to uncover these rarities.

Interaction is only possible with certain objects on screen, usually indicated when the cursor turns into a pointing hand. Your challenge is to figure out the order in which to click on each object, and clear the path for the protagonist to reach his destination. The basics of gameplay is explained in a short tutorial accessible from the main menu.

FIG has been in production for over half a year now, and is scheduled for a release this summer. The full version will feature thirty-five stages in total. (this demo has five)

Name: FIG
Developer: Arvi Teikari
Category: Puzzle
Type: Demo
Size: 2MB
Direct download link: Click here