As posted by Random Passersby (thanks!):

This isn't exactly new news, but since I just got back today and found out about it mere minutes ago, let's pretend it is and start praising the great god of indie gaming who somehow was able to restore faith in one of his most trustful servants. For you see, some random chap who goes by the name of ikiki on the interweb put together a nice 'n shiny website intended for showcasing all of his precious work here:

It's a whole lot more sophisticated than his old "place where I'll dump all my games" kind of site over at Vector and additionally features several sweet artworks and even handmade gif animations, mostly starring the obligatory naked guy(s). Some of them are equally weird and disturbing, but others would make for excellent avatars I'd say.

Major point of interest though probably the fact that he's gone and finished two new games in the meantime:

-Curry Ki
Put curry in the best possible position in order to create the ultimate curry onigiri. (placement of curries must be a mirror image of their respective rice plates on the left side of the screen)

Save the lives of suicidal naked guys jumping off of the top of a building ikiki-style by using bow & arrow to hit them in midair and pin them to the wall. Yes. (The calculation of your final score is based on the number of hits, misses and accuracy percentage. Press the F2 function key to restart at any time.)